Fedora Classroom: May 3 classes with a new format and schedule

This month’s Fedora Classroom will be held this Saturday/Sunday (actually it’s all Sunday UTC time).  We’ve got four fun presentations lined up for you with a new format to boot.

Essentially, the new idea is that we’re going to let the presenters be flexible with their schedules.  Thus presentations can happen any time in a 24-hour period (from 00:00 to 23:00 UTC time) this Sunday, May 3.

It looks to be a much simpler thing to make work for everyone.  Presentations will be available afterword on our Fedora Classroom Archive as well, so if you can’t stay up to watch it live, at least you can live it afterwards in the logs.

So you ask, who’s presenting.  Well, check out the Fedora Classroom wiki page and find out.  It looks to be fun and there should be something for everyone.

See you all there!!



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