Congrats: SLLUG celebrates 15 years

I wanted to personally congratulate the Salt Lake Linux User Group on 15 years of Linux education and community.  It’s exciting to see such a strong following!  Thanks for all the hard work everyone has put into making SLLUG such a great group.

Here’s the email from Marc Christensen:

The Salt Lake Linux Users Group started its humble beginnings sometime in May of 1994.  A few weeks later we officially incorporated as a non-profit on July 28, 1994. That makes this month our 15th year soft-anniversary with the official one coming up in July.  It also makes SLLUG one of the oldest and most established Linux user groups in the world!

Congratulations to everyone one for making SLLUG a success and contributing to such a great Local Linux community.  We have members of our group that have greatly influenced and contributed heavily to Linux over the years.  We make up a diverse group of individuals of varied backgrounds and depth of knowledge.

We rock!  :)  Thanks to everyone who has helped make the Salt Lake Linux Users Group such a success over the years and here's to many many more!!!!!

Marc Christensen

Again, congratulations to the Salt Lake Linux User Group and all of its members for 15 great years.  Here’s looking forward to 15 more.