Meeting: SLLUG Daytime SIG: IPTables Basics, Same Bat Time, New BetaLoft Location

Hi all,

I’ve been a bit quiet about the SLLUG Daytime SIG meeting this month.  That’s because I’ve been trying to decide whether we should continue to meet at the Salt Lake Public Library.  While the library is a nice place to meet, I learned about a great new business opening up this month called BetaLoft.  Last Tuesday, I visited BetaLoft and its founder Andrew Tyler has put together quite a nice facility for the first coworking location in Salt Lake City.  Located right downtown near traxx and the Gateway, it’s very convenient (and free) parking on the streets to the east and west, make this place a great location for our SLLUG Daytime SIG meeting.

Due to this change, and the short notice of the change, I will try to send out a few reminders between now and Wednesday.  Our normal meeting time 11:30am-1pm is still set.  BetaLoft has some great conference facilities, plus they have a big flat screen tv for Rock Band.  So it should be a blast!

So where is BetaLoft, you ask?  Here’s the information:


357 W 200 S, Suite 201 (in the same building as Aculis) (map)

Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Now that the new location is decided, please come on down to our new digs and learn about IPTables.  Kevin Benko has prepared a presentation on the basics of IPTables.  For those of you who were discussing this on the mailing list, this is your opportunity to come and have the discussion.