Event: SELF: Day 0.5-2.0

Hi all,

Now that I am back from the SouthEast LinuxFest at Clemson University, I wanted to report on the fun we had this weekend.  I’m completely wiped out, but it was a very fun and productive weekend.  I wanted to say thanks to the gang at SELF for a job well done.  With only minor issues, they did an amazing job.  They’re first year conference had attendance of 500+, that’s great to hear!  Congratulation on such a great conference fellas!!

As far as my presentation, I was the victim of an apparent overheating of the projector.  After about 20 minutes of fiddling, the staff got it all solved with a portable projector that was waiting in the wings.  This did affect the time on my presentation though, so i wasn’t able to finish everything I wanted.  However, we did a lot of Q&A up front and helped explain some of the four foundations from the Fedora Project and talked a bit about the tools while we were waiting.  I usually show a completed customized liveusb, but ran out of time.  I hope everyone enjoyed it anyway.

The booth area was packed, and every presentation seemed full, it was a great conference.  I went to the after-party, where DualCore rapped for a while, which is always fun.  The rest of the night was drinking, socializing and having an altogether good time.  I recall eating at waffle house around 12:30am and then heading back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

On Sunday, we spent a good bit of time on the Docs Fedora Activity Day (FAD), quite productive and we made some good goals for F12.  I mostly helped by being an outsider looking in on this process, but did help Lee and Eric to understand packaging as Ian explained how packaging works.  It was great to help the docs guys get the rest of the modules for Zikula into Fedora.  I expect to see some good progress there over the next release period.

All in all, it was an awesome weekend, and if you ever get the chance, Mellow Mushroom pizza is the bomb!  I also took a lot of pictures, they are available up on Flickr.