Meeting: SLLUG Daytime SIG: Infrastructure is code…bitches!!

This month’s SLLUG Daytime meeting will be held this Wednesday, August 12 from 11:30am-1pm at BetaLoft SLC 357 W 200 S, Suite 201, Salt Lake City, UT, 84101

We have a great presentation lined up for you all!  Here’s the details:

Infrastructure Renaissance

Open source is at the forefront of an evolving ecosystem of tools and processes for building more adaptable and maintainable computational infrastructure. Virtualization and network booting tools speed up and simplify the process of provisioning. Configuration management tools provide policy based service descriptions which collapse the complexity of scaling. Monitoring solutions provide feedback which potentially drive provisioning and configuration. For organizations to fully leverage these tools is often as much a social engineering problem as a technical one. This talk is about building computational infrastructure with the tools, and processes that can help maximize the benefits.

About Andrew

Andrew Shafer is a Co-founder of Reductive Labs Inc., helping organizations build more flexible and scalable systems through better tools and processes with the Open Source system management framework, Puppetâ„¢. He brings with him a background in computational science, embedded Linux development, web frameworks and Agile methods.  Currently, Andrew is devoted to AR⊗TA (, watch the video). Andrew has been an Open Source user and advocate since the late 90s. His two sons think he is pretty cool.

See you all this Wednesday.