UTOSC 2009: Breakfast is served!

As part of my effort to help out folks coming in for the Utah Open Source Conference 2009, we have filled up our household with out-of-towners. However, when I asked my awesome sweetie , Jennifer, about food, she had this reply:

21:37 did you say you were willing to cook breakfast for us during UTOSC ??

21:37 :-P

21:37 I couldn’t remember if you agreed, or balked

21:37 I did. I will make sure I don’t work so I can do it properly.

21:37 5 people, right. Plus us, of course.

21:38 ?

21:38 yeah

21:38 Yep, for 3 days? I can do that. :)

21:38 so far, I have Ian, Scott, Larry and Mirano and possibly Scott (from LA)

21:39 it does mean that it has to be ready kind of early though…

21:40 Yep

21:40 kk, grerat!

21:40 or just great!

21:40 That’s what prep the night before is for

21:40 lol, yeah

21:41 The only rule is: stay out while I’m cooking. Lol

So as you can see, I just had to comment about it right now!  Jennifer is awesome!

Looks like our guests will be well taken care of during UTOSC 2009!!

See you all there! October 8-10, 2009.  Register today!