Wow: UTOSC 2009 is actually 2 weeks away!

I am amazed by the UTOS Core Team and all of the work these awesome volunteers have put in to make the Utah Open Source Conference a success!  I just can’t believe it is exactly 2 weeks away from conference time.  I am so excited!  Just have to finish my bathroom in the next few days, get the tshirts, banners, printing and attendee badges done myself.  But I didn’t have to do any real amount of work thanks to the UTOS Core Team.

Thank you UTOS Core Team

In addition, it’s been great to have a Conference Manager this year.  Will Smith (aka undertakingyou) has taken these reigns with fire and he’s really picked up the leadership role.  Thank you Will for doing an amazing job.  I know his role will continue to grow as we start our transition into a 501c3 this year, I am excited to have him leading the Core Team charge!

I would also like to recognize the hard work of Barry McCormick.  He’s been a bulldog at getting our program together this year.  His hard work, dedication and shear will has made this years conference program the best I’ve seen.  50+ presentations, several events, scheduling requests, etc.  Even through the flu last week, he was finalizing details.

We have an awesome art and marketing team.  Victor Villa heads up this department, with contributions from Velda Christensen (and former Core Team member Emily Shaw).  I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to detail and spreading the open source love around the Mountain West.

Jason Hall is heading up our volunteer efforts this year.  As the emcee again, we’re excited to have a volunteer manager that will assign and maneuver 50+ volunteers.  The call for volunteers has officially closed, but there’s always 2010.  Come and see the volunteers at work, Jayce^ has them all lined up and ready to go!

While we’ve had some bumps and bruises with our sponsorship position, Justin Carmony has really stepped in to make that role work.  We’ve been able to secure some really good sponsorships this year due to his hard work.  I’m excited to see what the future hold with our sponsorships and Justin at the helm.

Our Network is going to be stellar again this year.  I don’t know of any free software community conference that can boast 100mb/s lines, free wifi and drops to every booth in the convention center.  Trevor Sharpe (Heartsbane) and Nick Brooks (peno) have done an amazing job with this as well.

Securing our parties, getting printable schedules, providing the topics with which our emcee will hand out SWAG, talk about different organizations, introduce presenters and talk about our sponsors is C.R. Oldham.  C.R. joined the core team as an effort to bolster another group, HopeKids, which he will do during the conference.  He’s been a great asset to our core team and we look forward to seeing him for years to come.

And finally, because well, he’d want it that way.  Without our Code Guru, Adam Barrett, the website would look a little bare (or bear, since that’s his nickname).  The site would probably be still in a state of disarray and those schedules, layouts with all the pretty boxes and such would not be there.  He’s working on some more amazing things each week as we meet for our HackNights (which anyone is welcome to attend).  I suspect you’ll see some really cool features at the conference that are part of Adam’s evil plan.

This is the Utah Open Source Core Team.  If you see them at the Utah Open Source Conference, please take a moment to thank them for their hard work.  I know that I will!!

Please register today, we have a few days left before the prices go up.  Promo codes are available for up to 50% off registration at any time.  Contact a LUG or Sponsor if you would like a promo code for discounted registration.