Fedora FAD @ UTOSC 2009: Fedora-Event-Splash (aka FES)

Even though I’m extremely involved in the organization and management of the Utah Open Source Conference, I’ve got a big project in which I’m interested.  It’s the new concept around Fedora-Event-Splash (or FES, pronounced FEZ).

This project was dreamed up by Mr. Ian Weller and he graciously let me tag along to get the thing going.  At the Utah Open Source Conference tomorrow, we’re going to be digging into a workflow and concept around the items needed to make FES work.  We’ll be hanging out from 12:30-5pm in room 209 while we work on the project, feel free to drop by and ask questions as well.

So if you are interested in FES, come join us at UTOSC or remotely in #fedora-fad on irc.freenode.net