FUDCon F13: Another SNAFU

As some of you may know, I have been working hard to get the Fedora 12 media ready for delivery.  It’s been replicated, the sleeves printed and the boxes are waiting at our CD Replication vendor.  However, even though we thought we had covered all of our bases, we missed some details with regard to the invoicing system.

I am very sad to report, there will not be any pressed F12 media at FUDCon this time.

However, I expect the financial details to be sorted out sometime between now and Monday.  If this happens, it’s quite possible we can deliver media starting next week.  Still pretty fast, considering.

I guess every FUDCon can’t be perfect, but we’re still going to make this a great event!

If you are in the area, or wish to participate from afar, we’ve got ways for you to get involved.  FUDCon is always free and I’ve got two remote microphones and two mixers that I plan on using to record and stream the audio from two rooms.  I’m also working on a way to stream/record the desktop of the presenter at the same time so we can have audio and video from the desktops in real time (we’ll see if this part happens).  I might even suggest a hackfest on Monday to make it more solid if I can’t get it working tonight/tomorrow.

I’m excited to see all my friends at FUDCon.



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2 Responses to FUDCon F13: Another SNAFU

  1. Mel Chua says:

    Streaming audio == awesome. Thanks for making this (and pressed media!) happen, Clint – I know sometimes I take for granted being able to get shiny shiny disks and don’t always think about all the hard work that has to go behind the logistics of that; it’s muchly appreciated.

    Btw, if we don’t get to it during FUDCon itself, streaming audio would make a nice thing to work on during a FUDCon FAD, which I’m *pretty* sure we’re having at this point (if nothing else, I’m becoming increasingly one-track-minded about a FAD when asked about FUDCon Toronto follow-up plans. ;)

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