SLLUG Daytime: Wednesday, March 10 @ 11:30am – Node.js

This month’s presentation is going to be awesome!! Shane Hansen will be spending time with us over lunch (bring your brown bag) at BetalLoftSLC talking about node.js.

Node.js – building massively parallel applications with javascript and epoll

Node.js [] is a framework for rapidly building massively parallel network applications using non-blocking io. It’s built on the performant v8 javascript engine [] which compiles javascript to machine code at runtime. Node is similar in design to systems like Ruby’s EventMachine [] or python’s twisted []. It’s suitable for building chat-like protocols, comet servers, mmo game servers, etc. This session will cover some of the basics of how to build and install node.js as well as analyze some demo programs.

If time permits, I might talk a little bit about python’s twisted and compare some programs written using twisted/node.js

About Shane Hansen:

I’m a Software Engineer working on’s replatforming teams. Prior to that I worked on projects ranging from compliance tracking software for the goverment to building  mathematical models for reflectometry to immune system modeling. I’m interested in open source software, web standards, high performance computing and application architecture

Meeting Location:

BetaLoft ( is located at 357 W 200 S. Upstairs in Suite 201. Salt Lake City, UT, 84101

Betaloft is a coworking space in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City founded by Drew Tyler.

We are a community of freelancers, independents and work-from-home people, who have an interest in getting out of our dull work day and participating in a community that’s designed to support and encourage people who make a living doing what they love.

We provide communication tools, events (social and educational), as well as a physical space to work and collaborate.

See you all there!