News: The future of SLLUG Daytime

For the past several months the fine folks at BetaLoftSLC have been hosting SLLUG Daytime and it’s been going pretty well.  However, this month I was informed that BetaLoftSLC will be closing their doors at the end of March.

I was saddened to hear this, Drew and his crew have been doing a bang-up job and have been great hosts.  We will surely miss the BetaLoft.

As all good things must end, I’ve decided to stop holding the SLLUG Daytime monthly meetings as well. We’ve had a good run and SLLUG Daytime has been decently attended.  However, for several reasons which I will not go into here, I decided that I cannot run SLLUG daytime.  If someone else is interested in pursuing the continuation of SLLUG Daytime on their own, I’d be happy to hand over the reigns.

But there is some good news to go with the bad.  In the future, I plan to replace SLLUG Daytime with something of great value.  Something we can do regularly as well, maybe just not monthly.

I want to thank all of those who’ve ever attended SLLUG Daytime and have made it such a success.  I especially want to thank those who presented, as I know your time is precious, but you chose to prepare and share with us.  A special thanks to the folks on the SLLUG board who graciously let us use the SLLUG name, it was much appreciated.

In the future, watch for more activities from the Utah Open Source Foundation, as well as more opportunities to participate in the community and grow free and open source software.  I’m excited for the future.