On wireless and media, FUDCon Tempe configuration begins

Today, I’m sitting around the lobby at the fabulous Courtyard Marriott after a nice morning of listening to the fire alarm tests.  It seems silly to me that anyone would allow the fire alarm to go off at 7:30 in the $%^&* morning at a hotel!  Come on people, do the tests in the afternoon.  The good part, however, is that the train right next to our room is no big deal and I slept right through the horns and vibrations.  Even our 7 month-old slept through the night, YAY!

Today I’m heading over to the Brickyard Artisan Courtyard to test out the wireless access and make sure proper ports are open.  I’m certain to run into issues, but I’m planning on making sure ssh is open for sure.  If you have a particular port you want opened, please comment here or ping ‘herlo’ in irc before noon MST.

I’m also in charge of printing the Fedora Media and have brought a ton for FUDCon attendees.  Watch for the media to be out near the registration tables and take a copy or three.  I’m sure your friends back at home would love for you to share the love, so make sure you get plenty!

I’m ready for FUDCon Tempe, are you!?