Streaming FUDCon Tempe: This could turn out poorly!

So I’ve been recording and streaming FUDCon events over the past few years.  I think I started back in 2008 when FUDCon was at Boston University.  I’m still hoping to pull off streaming tomorrow at FUDCon Tempe for Jared Smith’s (our new amazing Fedora Project Leader) talk around 10am MST.

But I kind of have a few problems…

  1. The icecast streaming server we previously setup on appears to be off.  I’m hoping to get a hold of someone who knows what happened to it and see if we can get that turned back on in time.  Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with a million other things this weekend, so it’s not been top priority.
  2. I used to have access to my own icecast server at, but that server recently crashed, and I don’t have it back up as of yet.
  3. Arizona State University technical staff, as amazing as they are, didn’t know of my request for a wired connection until today.  Again, my fault for springing it on them last minute.  It’s still possible they’ll get it done, here’s hoping!

Essentially, if these three things work out tomorrow, I still have to reconfigure my little PC to make streaming work.  That should be less painful and much more simple.


Just in case streaming doesn’t happen, do not despair! As an alternate, I do plan to have the audio of Jared’s talk recorded.  Once I have it cleaned up as best I can tomorrow, it will get pasted on the FUDCon Tempe page and I will blog a direct link for your consumption.  It should be up by noon MST.


In lieu of streaming the sessions, don’t forget to logon to #fedora-fudcon on tomorrow and follow the transcripts of each session.  This started at FUDCon Toronto last time, and should be a good resource for watching the event from afar.

Now, to get some sleep!