Following a theme: Help build a better birdhouse

I originally wrote this post as a comment responese to Robyn's 'We might be giants' article, but decided it needed more.  Please take a moment and read this article, I think it is very poignant and valuable to everyone.

I’m very happy to read this article. I’ve never really thought about the lyrics to the song, but it makes perfect sense. If I may, I’d take this concept a bit further, focusing on what is important to you in ‘life’. In fact, replacing almost every instance of ‘Fedora’ with life also works.

What I mean by this, is find that passion, find that joy, find that night light that makes you happy in ‘life’. I’ve never been good at metaphors like this, but I am going to be using this one, now.

I hope that every Fedora contributor thinks about what you have written and takes to their hearts the value of Red Hat and the Fedora Project. I truly believe in this community and am truly blessed to have so many amazing and awesome friends here.

For me, what makes me happy in life, beyond my family time and my kids, is the Fedora Project.  I am not kidding, I really mean that from the bottom of my heart.  The Fedora Project has given me more than I have contributed, been my mentor in many places and given me a career I wouldn’t have otherwise.  I will always be grateful to my friends who got me involved with this amazing people.

I’ve been doing a bit of navel gazing lately.  As I depart SCaLE later today, I have been thinking about what reasons I work in the Fedora Project. I think a lot of us didn’t get into Fedora for altruistic reasons, but after a while, they are the reasons to stay.  Why do you stay?

I would like to invite everyone else to think in this way.  Come up with some sort of project or activity that takes a few hours or a few weeks and make a plan.  Share your plan, invite your friends to help make a better birdhouse!