Infused Alcohol

This stuff sounds really good!

Vodka From Hell

6 peppers – you can use Jalapenos, Serranos, Poblanos, etc

1 750ml bottle of vodka of choice

The seed are what carry the most heat of a pepper, so lets remove these. Cut the pepper in half lengthwise. Push the core of the pepper and the seeds out. You may want to wear plactic gloves. If you don’t wear gloves, remember to wash your hands vigorously when you are done. Don’t make the mistake inadvertantly scratching an itch around your face or eyes after cutting chilis!

Now just cut the peppers up, add to your jar with the bottle of vodka. Infuse for about 2 days. A bloody mary is an obvious choice for this infusion. A martini bar in my home town called Vault has a great cocktail using pepper vodka. If I was to guess the recipe it would be:

Pineapple Pepper Martini

1 1/2oz pepper vodka

1/2oz simple syrup

1/2oz fresh lime juice

2oz pineapple juice

Shake ingredients cold and serve in a martini glass. You get a sweet, fruity pineapple flavor up front, but then the fire kicks in, and you get the slow burn in the finish. It’s a trip.

You are probably getting the drift that these vodka infusion recipes are really simple. They are fun and you can exercise a lot of creativity with them. I bet you already have some ideas of your own.

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