30-day Geek Challenge

My friend Nushio recently posted about how he’s doing a list called ‘30-day geek challenge‘, so I thought I’d do the same and see how it goes.  The concept is simple, just explain your choices from a list similar to this one.  I modified his list slightly, but the overall theme is there.  If you have suggestions or thoughts regarding the days, I’d love to hear it.

In my case, I might try to do this every day, but probably won’t.  I may also do them out of order, so feel free to do the same.  I will try to do at least one every week.  Enjoy the list, and the follow-ups for each of the days.  In my mind, this is a good experience to remind me why I enjoy being a Geek, maybe it will help you as well.

Day 1 – Very first Geek
Day 2 – Favorite Geek
Day 3 – Your Geek crush
Day 4 – Favorite book / book series
Day 5 – Geek you feel you are most like (or wish you were)
Day 6 – Favorite Web Show / Web Comic
Day 7 – Favorite Board Game
Day 8 – Favorite Shirt/Hat/Shoes (Something you wear)
Day 9 –  Saddest geek scene
Day 10 – Favorite TV Show series
Day 11 – Favorite Movie
Day 12 – Best alien /alien race ever
Day 13 – Geekiest quote/phrase
Day 14 – Current (or most recent) geek wallpaper
Day 15 – Favorite OS / Config
Day 16 – Favorite Developer
Day 17 – Favorite Hardware Vendor
Day 18 – Most Undesirable Tech Company
Day 19 – Favorite Gadget
Day 20 – Best! Videogame! Ever!
Day 21 – Favorite Vehicle
Day 22 – Favorite Tech Company
Day 23 – Favorite Language
Day 24 – Geek Hero
Day 25 – Best Website
Day 26 – Your favorite number
Day 27 – Favorite tv opening theme song
Day 28 – Favorite Comic Book
Day 29 – Favorite Robot
Day 30 – Biggest Geek Wish

Feel free to republish this list, and change whatever day(s) you need to change to suit your inner geek.

If you do the challenge, leave a comment here with a link to the challenge, so we can all compare each other.



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  3. Thom Allen says:

    Here is link to my 30 day challenge. http://thomallen.com/30-day-geek-challenge/

    Thanks Herlo.

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