30-day Geek Challenge | Day 21 – Favorite Vehicle

This post is part of my ‘30-day Geek Challenge‘.  As I stated, the order isn’t important, nor will I do one per day.  Feel free to make your own list, or copy mine and participate.  Should be a lot of fun!

I took a lot of liberty here, but I think this should be ‘any’ vehicle.  It doesn’t matter if the vehicle is real or imaginary in my mind.  So I went with a cartoon vehicle.


As a kid, I loved watching Voltron on television.  All 5 lion robots converted to make one amazing crime-fighting, flying and powerful robot.  They would al

ways fight Prince Lotor, and as with many of the cartoons of my childhood, he would escape before Voltron could stop him for good.

What’s even better, you can watch ‘Voltron Force’ on Nicktoons starting this spring!  So become a nerdy kid again,

and enjoy some Voltron force!



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