30-day Geek Challenge | Day 4 – Favorite book / book series

This post is part of my ‘30-day Geek Challenge‘.  As I stated, the order isn’t important, nor will I do one per day.  Feel free to make your own list, or copy mine and participate.  Should be a lot of fun!

Well, I think I had better get another day of the challenge out there.  This one was quite an easy one for me, though there are a few good rivals.  I have to say that I really didn’t start to enjoy reading books until I was in my early 30s.  Thus, a lot of my life I didn’t read, and while others might be much more well read. 

Anyway, on to my choice, I did think about other good book like ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and ‘Angels and Demons’, I chose the ‘Ender’s Game’ series of books.

Ender’s Game led me into a world of imagination I didn’t know existed. For me, reading became not only an escape, but a pure joy. I could escape into these books for hours during a difficult time in my life. I would become engrossed in possibilities and twists and turns and of course, the surprise ending of Ender’s Game is what made the book so good.

The book series has such grand dynamics and scale. The politics of later books is intriguing as well, Ender, his brother and sister and Ender’s friend, Bean, all were excellent. I really enjoyed Xenocide, a book where Ender spends time with the Hive Queen and the piggies while trying to determine how to irradicate the Descolada.

Other books I enjoyed in this series were Speaker for the Dead and Children of the Mind, I also enjoyed The Shadow Saga series as well.  I highly recommend these books and might just go pick up where I left off a few years back.