Introducing Silver

I thought a few of you might be interested in a project I’ve recently started, called Silver.

Today, I released version 0.2. Silver is a full-fledged development environment built on one machine built purely in Python. Silver (formerly PyCamps) is inspired by the Perl based DevCamps project created by EndPoint. The idea is simply to make it easy for developers to have their own little environments to build web applications.

Silver is built to enable work on several projects in small, reusable areas, called camps. Focused on web applications, Silver helps to make quick and easy-to-manage environments. Each camp uses version control, and gives the developer ultimate control. Silver enables an easy workflow for quality assurance, integration testing and deployment to production for each project in similar workflows.

Building a camp is simple, easy and very flexible for both corporate and community projects. I’d like to get some feedback on Silver and am looking forward to continuing work toward more power and flexibility.

More information can be found by reading the documentation at Silver also has a github repository if you’d like to try to set it up.

Tell me what you think! It is of course open source, with an MIT license, and I am hoping some of you will join up and help the project grow!

If you are interested, please join the Silver Project google group and let’s build the awesomest development environment of the future, with Python!