UTOS Project Day: Add your project

UTOS Project Day is this Saturday, May 28! If you are planning on attending and have a project that needs help or you just want to tell people about it, add it to the UTOS Project Day ‘Projects’ page. Make sure you get it up early so folks who might be interested in your project can learn as much as possible before they attend UTOS Project Day.

Come on down this Saturday, May 28 and hang out with other geeks. We’ll provide you space to hack, snacks, lunch and plenty of projects to come and learn!

Date: May 28

Time: 12pm to 5pm

Where: Open Source Technology Center @ Novell (map)

More information available on the UTOS Project Day website and the UTOS Blog. UTOS is looking for operational volunteers. Stop by between 9-11am and volunteer to help out!

Always free admission, free software and free food.

We’ll see you all there!