UTOS Project Day: Install Fedora 15

Are you planning on attending the UTOS Project Day this Saturday, May 28? Come work on your projects in an open environment with food, friends and feedback.

Folks, since Fedora 15 was just released yesterday, I had an idea regarding the UTOS Project Day. I’m going to setup an installation server and usb keys for anyone who wishes to try out and/or install Fedora 15 on their computer.

There are only a couple requirements:

  1. If you want the media on your USB key, you must provide at least a 2GB key. (Any existing data should be preserved, but make a backup just in case.)
  2. Installations will be done using network boot, which requires a PxE capable laptop. Most are these days, just make sure yours supports this feature.

UTOS Project Day is going to be tons of fun. Come on down and try out Fedora 15, work on your project., or help someone else work on theirs.

Here’s to seeing all my geek friends this weekend at UTOS Project Day!!