Fedora Infrastructure will soon have fpaste-server

Today, I deployed the latest fpaste-server package on a development box within Fedora Infrastructure.

Test fpaste-server

I’d like to get some folks to hit it and do some testing. If you have time, I would love it if you could take a moment, read below and help.

On the development server

To help, just point your browser to http://paste01.dev.fedoraproject.org/ and add some pastes. In fact, it should be pretty sturdy. If you do happen to find a bug, please file it on our fedorahosted.org Trac instance.

Roll your own

Another way to help is to install your own instance of fpaste-server. I’ve posted some simple installation instructions for anyone who is interested.

We are always looking for helpers to make fpaste-server better. Please contact me (herlo AT fedoraproject doT Org) if you are interested in helping improve or maintain this simple and fun project.