Happening Today: The Very First GoOSe Sprint!

We're starting to really ramp up on the GoOSe Project. If you haven't heard about this project, check out my previous posts.

Well, I have been meaning to write this post every day this week, only to be bombarded with work or other projects getting in the way. However, I am currently sitting at the Beans & Brews at 45 East 11400 South in Sandy, Utah participating in the very first GoOSe Sprint.

My goal today is very simple, get skein 2.0 out the door for testing. Most of contributors will be using skein to build the upstream packages necessary to make the distribution work, so I need to finish this work.

There are other tasks being performed today, including documentation, package building, automating tasks and finishing up the new website.

If you have any interest in seeing how an enterprise quality distribution can be rebuilt using free software, we’d love to have you stop by #gooseproject on irc.freenode.net. The GoOSe mailing list is another great place to read about what we’re doing.

Or if you like physical space, come on by the Beans & Brews today from 10am until 2pm. There should be at least a few of us working on something all day long. Just look for the nerds in the corner getting all excited while discussing phrases like ‘build process’ and ‘skein grant’ :P

Update: We’re going to be moving down to the Beans and Brews at 155 East 13800 South at approximately 12:45pm