FUDCon Blacksburg 2012: Three days to the Sysadmin Study Group

****This Saturday, January 14, 2012 at approximately 1pm Eastern Standard Time, I will be running the System Administration Study Group (SysadminSG) at the Fedora Users and Developers Conference being held in Blacksburg, Virginia.

We did a successful version of the SysadminSG at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE 9x) last year.  And thanks to Ben Williams prodding several months ago, I agreed to run this event again. Note: We will also be running the SysadminSG again at SCaLE 10x on January 21, 2012 as the Fedora Activity Day (FAD).

What is the System Administration Study Group (SysadminSG)?

The System Administration Study Group or SysadminSG is intended as a gathering of individuals with a common purpose, studying and preparation for the Red Hat Certifications. The two main certifications of focus are the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and the Red Hat Ceritfied Engineer (RHCE).

This is a self-guided workshop for those who gather, it does not have any instructors. However, proctors will be around to assist as needed.

The SysadminSG could be used for many other reasons. The Fedora Infrastructure team is always looking for skilled system administrators. The study group is a great way to bone up on the technologies used by Fedora Project administrators every day.

Why should I participate in SysadminSG?

Because it’s cool, and other reasons, too!

Okay, while it is true that participation is the cool thing to do, it is also very possible you may wish to improve your system administration skills. Doing so with others in the room to bounce questions off can be very helpful. Studying by yourself is challenging and while IRC is nice, there really is nothing like real live people in a room, with similar goals.

So I am interested. What do I need to bring/provide to get me started?

To participate in this event, please bring a laptop, PC or some other computer with a current version of Fedora pre-installed. YOU DO NOT WANT TO INSTALL THE DAY OF THE STUDY SESSION!!

Amazon ec2 instances will be used where possible, so that things can be portable. The instances should be up and running for around 24-hours, which means if you don’t finish during the study session, it’s possible to continue for a short time after the workshop. To access an ec2 instance, it will need to be setup with an ssh public key, so come prepared with one.

Note: If the machine you bring has the capability for Virtual Machines using KVM or VMWare, we can work with that as well, but you may receive mixed results.

Resources! Pig for Wheat!

Okay, stop screaming about it! There will be plenty to do during the 4-hour session, but if you want to get a head start, read up on these guides.

Contributions encouraged and accepted

One of the main goals of the study group is to come up with tasks that would be representative of each of the objectives listed. It is my hope that with a bit of contribution during the session, we can discover and improve the study group to make it a regularly occurring workshop. I would like to see these study guides go from big sections of blank to something more tangible. It’s possible each objective could have two or three tasks for a future SysadminSG workshop.

See you all at FUDCon this weekend!