Today at SCaLE10x: System Administration Study Group

If you haven’t heard my ranting and raving about the SysadminSG last weekend at FUDCon, it went pretty well. Turns out, this weekend is another run of the event. The goal is to help Fedora contributors (and others) prepare for the tough world of Linux system administration.

If you attend the event, you will receive two study guides and an ec2 instance for about 24-hours. The idea is that you will spend the day today studying with others to improve your system administration skills. There are no instructors, but I will be there to get the ec2 instances setup and help with any non-study related issues.

If you are interested in the sysadminSG,  come visit us at SCaLE10x today:

Southern California Linux Expo 10x (SCaLE10x)
Los Angeles Airport Hilton – Catalina C
9am – 5pm