Presenting at UTOSC 2012

Well, it looks like I’ve been roped into presenting at the Utah Open Source Conference (UTOSC) 2012 again! :) I’ll be presenting three times, in fact.

The first will be on my latest project, GoOSe Linux – Rebuilding Enterprise Linux the ‘Community’ Way at 11:15am on Thursday, May 3.. If you ever wondered why CentOS took so long to rebuild Enterprise Linux, wondered what other options are out there, or even were just curious how Linux is built, come by and listen. It will be entertaining and enlightening.

The second talk will be Koji – A Reliable, Repeatable Build Environment, 4pm on Thursday, May 3. If you aren’t aware of what Koji does, it builds and manages RPMs. While we use it for the GoOSe project, many folks need a simple and clean way to build packages in a repeatable and reliable way.  Koji can also build LiveCD/LiveDVD images, manages repositories, tags builds and much, much more.

The last presentation I will be giving is ‘The State of Open Source’, it’s a keynote presentation at 1:30pm on Friday, May 4. Expect this talk to be light and fun! I hope everyone comes out and enjoys this talk as well.

Additionally, it looks like Victor and the gang have created badges for you to put on your blog, Facebook, Google+, etc. so get them out there and come hang out at UTOSC 2012!

Speaking at Utah Open Source Conference 2012