UTOSC 2012 Saturday – Bring your boardgames!

If it’s not clear, I love to play boardgames. Usually, I like strategy games like Settlers of Catan, Small World, Pandemic and much, much more. I’ve probably played around 100 different boardgames over the past 10 years. It’s a fun passion of mine and allows me to spend time annihilating friends without actually causing them physical harm.

Coming up this Saturday at UTOSC 2012, we will be setting up a room dedicated to boardgames. We’ll be LA 122 starting at 10am and going until someone kicks us out of the building. It could be a fairly late night of boardgame fun!!

If you plan on attending any or all of the boardgames session at UTOSC, please bring your boardgames. Mark them in some fashion with your name, and bring them down! We need tons of games as many people will come to play!

Myself, I’ll be bringing at least the following games, possibly more:

Bring your games or come and play what is there. Either way it should be a blast!