The Quest for the Golden GoOSe Sprint is here!

Alright folks, it’s been decided, determined and is about to be announced! Um, yeah, that’s right everyone, the ‘Quest for the Golden GoOSe’ Sprint is on!

When is this happening you ask? Well it’s very simple and very soon, in fact it’s happening July 27-28, 2012. Yes, that’s Tomorrow and Saturday. It’s a bit unexpected for some of you, to be sure, but if you can make it, we’d love to have you for any time possible. If you can’t make it, take some time this next week and work on the GoOSe. The goal is to get the Golden GoOSe 6.0 release out by the end of August, so we really need to start cranking!

What’s left, you ask? Quite a bit actually, but the biggest piece still remaining is our Quality Assurance testing and reporting components. We’re working on them in our qa repository on github, and you can most definitely fork it and get an idea of what we’re doing. We need some serious help with ABI compliance, validation of RPMS and overall validation that all packages have been built.

Wait! There’s more! We also need help with documentation, code and usability testing of the isos. The documentation is all based upon our

‘How to Cook a Goose’ wiki page on github, the skein code needs to be

updated to the new github v3 api and the Isos can be downloaded and


Some of this is more self-explanatory and some is just plain confusing. This is where we need your help! If you have ever wanted to define how things work, you can jump in now and help us identify things and help us solve problems. That’s the fun part about free and open source software! A good for instance, what is the usability testing requirements for our Isos? Well at the moment, we don’t really have a good handle on this, but you could step in and define some requirements. If you would prefer to help write code, you could clean up things that might look a bit messy. There’s plenty to do!

Please come and help us out this weekend or anytime next week! We’ll be in #gooseproject on, or you can work by email, github or ESP. We’re excited to be moving forward and look for your help making the the ‘Quest for the Golden GoOSe’ 6.0 release a reality!