FUDCon Lawrence Hackfest: GPG SmartCard Configuration

As I’ve been working at my new job at the Linux Foundation, we have been implementing quite a bit of two-factor authentication. In fact, back in November, Fedora implemented two-factor authentication for sudo at the Security FAD. I was there and helped setup the clients and did some testing.

While I was there, I had another agenda item, creating a HOWTO for enabling a GPG SmartCard for use with SSH. Of course, the SmartCard can be used for both encryption and signing as well.

After finishing that HOWTO, I was talking about it with a few people within Fedora, and there seemed to be quite a bit of interest. It turns out there was quite a bit of interest, so I’ve decided to do a hackfest on Saturday at FUDCon to help move people over to GPG SmartCards. This is also going to be quite nice in that there will be a GPG key signing event after this hackfest.

Come Prepared – Equipment Required

It’s important you come prepared! If you have ever had interest in this sort of thing, there’s time to get equipment for the hackfest. Here’s what you need:

Both pieces are required. Order ASAP, it takes about 10 days to ship. Consider even shipping to the FUDCon hotel if you are concerned or late. I know Petra will work hard to deliver them as fast as possible.

Doing a Little Prep Work

If you get your Token and SmartCard before FUDCon Lawrence and have a few spare minutes, feel free to read through my HOWTO. If you get through it, come to the hackfest and help others who might not have had time.