Hi, my name is Clint Savage. People online call me herlo.

I regularly get asked where the name “herlo” came from. My simple reply is “nowhere, I made it up”. However, for some crazy reason people just cannot believe that I made up this simple yet easy to use alias.

I’ve been asked, is it the opposite of “His hi”? As if it were funny or something. Anyway, my name online is Herlo, lets say it together HER-LO. Very easy. I own http://herlo.org, right now it just redirects to this site.

I am very into computers, especially the web with all the cool technologies it affords us. Here is a short list of my interests; Python, Linux, System Administration, Movies, TV, Baseball, and many more.

I worked as a Linux consultant and instructor for 9 years. It gave me the opportunity to travel and see the world. I realized I missed being home and doing things with friends and family, so I stopped travelling.

Notable places I've previously worked include Backcountry.com and The Linux Foundation. I currently work as a Software Engineer at Red Hat.

If you have any comments about this site, please go ahead and leave them here, I am sure I will respond in kind when I have time.