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Fedora 15 (Lovelock) is here – get yours today!

Here’s the announcement from Fedora Project Leader, Jared Smith. Several new features are available, many which I am excited about. GNOME 3 desktop environment – built from awesome! Btrfs filesystem now optionally available Better crash reporting Better SELinux support More … Continue reading

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Anaconda is Awesome! How to force a network request with local media using kickstart

I sure love it when I solve my own problems, but the internets are a great help to enabling me. Today, I found myself needing to enable the network (using dhcp) from the anaconda command line (the part that says … Continue reading

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Meme: First thing I do after installing (insert your distro here)

Obviously, my distro is Fedora, but for those of you who might choose something else, let’s play along. This meme comes from Valent Turkovic’s blog post a few days ago, so I thought I’d share mine. $ su -c ‘yum … Continue reading

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FUDCon Friday: A very, very, very long day – quite fun!

Got to FUDCon today after a nice semi-sleepy red-eye flight.  I was surprisingly awake for a person who has had less than 3 hours of sleep in the last 24+ hours.  As I arrived, following Max’s instructions to the Hyne’s … Continue reading

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Utah Fedora/Ubuntu Linux Release Party Outtakes

Well, usually I forget to take pictures, because either A) I forget my camera [I brought it this time] or 2) I get wrapped up in the event and forget to bring it with me.  But this release party, I … Continue reading

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Distro Comparison: openSUSE 10.3 first impressions

I don’t know if I can last an entire week with openSUSE 10.3. I can’t believe I even thought it possible. I am jonesing for Fedora right now, even though any other distro would probably do… What’s wrong with SUSE … Continue reading

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A New Series: Distro Comparisons, with Flair!

Its been a little couple weeks since I posted anything useful in my Program of the Week (POW) series. And while I still plan to keep that up in the near future, I am going to be doing a new … Continue reading

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POW: Bluetooth Improvements in Fedora 8

The POW is going to be the improvements made in the Bluetooth functionality in Fedora 8. I’m actually quite impressed with it as its been a bit of a challenge to keep my little mouse connected in the past. Fedora … Continue reading

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Werewolf (Fedora 8) Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps Using yum

Recently, there was a request in one of my comments on this post. The request was for an easy way to upgrade from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8. So I took this on as a bit of a challenge. I … Continue reading

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POW: Codec Buddy

This week’s Program of the Week is a bit ahead of its release. The package is Codec Buddy, and is currently slated for release in Fedora 8 tomorrow. Codec Buddy, with a little help from the Fedora and Fluendo development … Continue reading

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