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Changing the IP range for docker0

Lately, I’ve been tinkering a lot with docker. Mostly, I’ve been doing it for work at The Linux Foundation. But I do have a desire to have docker instances on my local box for distros which I do not run. … Continue reading

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On wireless and media, FUDCon Tempe configuration begins

Today, I’m sitting around the lobby at the fabulous Courtyard Marriott after a nice morning of listening to the fire alarm tests.  It seems silly to me that anyone would allow the fire alarm to go off at 7:30 in … Continue reading

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Combating Apathy in [Free and Open Source] Communities — Part 3

This article is a part of a three part series, if you haven’t read the first part and second part, you really should. How do we address this problem?  Who does it? In other words, how do small to medium … Continue reading

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Okay! Who do I blame?

While I am working on a post-fudcon report.  Its kind of hard to work when the network continues to drop packets.  Currently, I’m on-site in Los Angeles, teaching a course.  Why, oh why does this happen? Cheers, Herlo

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Dig this!

Hi all, While at work today, setting up test environments for Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10), I needed to check something with the DNS entries. So I ran the following: # dig -t ns And got something very interesting and … Continue reading

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UNIX Completes Me

Okay, okay.  I’m taking a quick break from my SUSE comparisons (and I will reply to all the comments I’ve been getting as well, keep them coming, its great) to entertain you all with this lovely picture my friend Aaron … Continue reading

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Distro Comparison: openSUSE 10.3 first impressions

I don’t know if I can last an entire week with openSUSE 10.3. I can’t believe I even thought it possible. I am jonesing for Fedora right now, even though any other distro would probably do… What’s wrong with SUSE … Continue reading

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SCTP – a new replacement for TCP (or UDP)

Recently, I’ve been quite overwhelmed with keeping up with my latest ambition, the Utah Open Source Foundation, which has made it a bit difficult to keep up on my blog here. I’ll be doing some updates to this blog soon … Continue reading

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