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Building RPMs and ‘This Week in Fedora’ interview

Many of you may have already heard from my good friend Derek Carter about the GoOSe Project. If you haven’t, I’d love to hear your comments on what we are doing. I’d also encourage many of you to come and … Continue reading

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Anaconda is Awesome! How to force a network request with local media using kickstart

I sure love it when I solve my own problems, but the internets are a great help to enabling me. Today, I found myself needing to enable the network (using dhcp) from the anaconda command line (the part that says … Continue reading

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I guess we’ll wait

As many of you may already know, Fedora 9 (codename: Sulphur) has been pushed back 2 weeks to May 13.  Being the organizer of the Utah Fedora/Ubuntu Linux Release Party on May 3, its kind of hard to push it … Continue reading

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Yum Update: 482:07

As I usually do while teaching class, I installed a Fedora 8 machine, and ran yum update.  Today I noticed a strange amount of time for one particular download: While this is hilarious, its shouldn’t happen.  Any ideas?  I know … Continue reading

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Werewolf (Fedora 8) Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps Using yum

Recently, there was a request in one of my comments on this post. The request was for an easy way to upgrade from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8. So I took this on as a bit of a challenge. I … Continue reading

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POW: Yum installation by groups

The second in the Program of the Week (POW) is here. Yum, the Yellowdog Updater Modifer, has a very interesting feature. One which you might find useful if you want to install an entire set of packages for say a … Continue reading

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POW: bash-completion – Bash Auto Completion in Fedora using yum (and more)

In an attempt to consistently blog, I am starting a new series here on Program of the Week (POW). Hopefully, this will excite and inform all of us about the cool programs available in Fedora. So see you next … Continue reading

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