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Streaming FUDCon Tempe: This could turn out poorly!

So I’ve been recording and streaming FUDCon events over the past few years.  I think I started back in 2008 when FUDCon was at Boston University.  I’m still hoping to pull off streaming tomorrow at FUDCon Tempe for Jared Smith’s … Continue reading

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Slides and Video: My Presentation at PodCampSLC 2010

Last Friday was PodCampSLC 2010 at Neumont University, put on by my good friend Mr. Thom Allen.  He did a bang up job as usual, it was a great event. I spent the morning at PodCampSLC 2010, including my presentation … Continue reading

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Fedora Activity Days 1-3 – A ‘Frank (aka Francis) the Fedora pwnie’ report

It appears to me that the weekend in Raleigh went rather well.  Even with the difficult weather conditions on Saturday into Sunday morning, I feel the result was a ‘smashing’ success!  There were so many things being accomplished that I … Continue reading

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FUDCon F11: Not in Boston? Listen Live, Watch Videos After!

Starting tomorrow at approximately 10:00 am, streaming will (hopefully) commence on approximately 4-5 sessions.  Most sessions will be recorded with cheap $7 microphones, but the most popular (as voted by FUDCon attendees) will be recorded with a mixer and wireless … Continue reading

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What I’ve been up to lately.

Well, its been more than two weeks since my last post about FUDCon.  I figure its high time I posted something about what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.  Things have been quite busy and are bound … Continue reading

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FUDCon F10 Boston, One Week Later…

So I am sitting in my hotel in Los Angeles, preparing to head back to Utah, its 2:37am PDT and I have been meaning to post the rest of my experience at FUDCon.  First off, I’d like to thank Mo … Continue reading

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Anyone have a spare $600?

Welcome to my disappointment.  Welcome to my frustration.  Welcome, welcome to my not being able to attend FUDCon!  Did I mention I was frustrated and disappointed?  Well, if I didn’t, I am! Here’s the story. Many of you probably know … Continue reading

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POW: Codec Buddy

This week’s Program of the Week is a bit ahead of its release. The package is Codec Buddy, and is currently slated for release in Fedora 8 tomorrow. Codec Buddy, with a little help from the Fedora and Fluendo development … Continue reading

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