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FUDCon Lawrence Hackfest: GPG SmartCard Configuration

As I’ve been working at my new job at the Linux Foundation, we have been implementing quite a bit of two-factor authentication. In fact, back in November, Fedora implemented two-factor authentication for sudo at the Security FAD. I was there … Continue reading

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Wedding, Project Day and SELF

Folks, it’s been a few crazy weeks for me recently. Tons and tons of activity in my life. All of which has been good, so very good! Wedding on Friday the Thirteenth On May 13, Jennifer and I were wed … Continue reading

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Craziness: LFNW, OLPC and UTOS, oh my!

It’s been a crazy month here in my little part of the world. My favorite organization, the Utah Open Source Foundation announced it’s conference theme, dates and location. I’m really excited about this year’s possibilities and I keep hearing good … Continue reading

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Wait for it… Wait for it… NOW!!

In the next 3 weeks, I will be among the busiest people I know.  Probably the only people busier are Presidential hopefuls, Olympic organizers and sadly, those fighting in Georgia.  The reason I am writing this post is to help … Continue reading

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