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POW: apg, Automated Password Generator

This week’s program may seem like a bit of a cop out, but it really isn’t. I’ve regularly found myself in need of some quick passwords to hand out to users that are both semi-secure and easy to remember. With … Continue reading

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POW: Bluetooth Improvements in Fedora 8

The POW is going to be the improvements made in the Bluetooth functionality in Fedora 8. I’m actually quite impressed with it as its been a bit of a challenge to keep my little mouse connected in the past. Fedora … Continue reading

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POW: Yum installation by groups

The second in the Program of the Week (POW) is here. Yum, the Yellowdog Updater Modifer, has a very interesting feature. One which you might find useful if you want to install an entire set of packages for say a … Continue reading

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POW: bash-completion – Bash Auto Completion in Fedora using yum (and more)

In an attempt to consistently blog, I am starting a new series here on fedora-tutorials.com. Program of the Week (POW). Hopefully, this will excite and inform all of us about the cool programs available in Fedora. So see you next … Continue reading

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