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Utah Fedora/Ubuntu Linux Release Party Outtakes

Well, usually I forget to take pictures, because either A) I forget my camera [I brought it this time] or 2) I get wrapped up in the event and forget to bring it with me.  But this release party, I … Continue reading

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Dig this!

Hi all, While at work today, setting up test environments for Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10), I needed to check something with the ubuntu.com DNS entries. So I ran the following: # dig -t ns ubuntu.com And got something very interesting and … Continue reading

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A New Series: Distro Comparisons, with Flair!

Its been a little couple weeks since I posted anything useful in my Program of the Week (POW) series. And while I still plan to keep that up in the near future, I am going to be doing a new … Continue reading

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Please define “Distribution”

As some of you may know, I am the founder of the Utah Open Source Foundation.  On November 10, we’ll be holding the Multi-Distro Release Party, and I planned on sharing Fedora (of course), OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.  Its the only … Continue reading

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*nix distribution poll, which is the best distro codename?

The fact that Ubunut, SUSE, OS X, OpenBSD and of course Fedora are coming out about one month from each other. I thought it would be useful to have a poll about which is the better name of the latest … Continue reading

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