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What I did today at Ohio LinuxFest – Salt

Yes, I was at the Ohio LinuxFest this weekend! Even though I did attend several presentations on Saturday. My day was mostly taken up with something else… I built rpm packages for salt! If you aren’t sure what salt is, … Continue reading

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Fedora Infrastructure will soon have fpaste-server

Today, I deployed the latest fpaste-server package on a development box within Fedora Infrastructure. Test fpaste-server I’d like to get some folks to hit it and do some testing. If you have time, I would love it if you could … Continue reading

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Fpaste-Server: The new hotness of pastebins

If you have been on the internet for a while, you probably have seen or been told to use a pastebin when submitting large amounts of text or code in IRC. If not, you may have used a pastebin to … Continue reading

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Anaconda is Awesome! How to force a network request with local media using kickstart

I sure love it when I solve my own problems, but the internets are a great help to enabling me. Today, I found myself needing to enable the network (using dhcp) from the anaconda command line (the part that says … Continue reading

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Fedora Classroom: Sessions this Weekend

So, we’ve been slacking.  Probably the economy.  Or maybe it was FUDCon aftermath.  Maybe, just maybe, we were in fact, just lazy.  I don’t know…..but!! It’s time again for the Fedora Classroom!! If you aren’t familiar with the Fedora Classroom … Continue reading

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Yum Update: 482:07

As I usually do while teaching class, I installed a Fedora 8 machine, and ran yum update.  Today I noticed a strange amount of time for one particular download: While this is hilarious, its shouldn’t happen.  Any ideas?  I know … Continue reading

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Werewolf (Fedora 8) Upgrade in 3 Easy Steps Using yum

Recently, there was a request in one of my comments on this post. The request was for an easy way to upgrade from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8. So I took this on as a bit of a challenge. I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Fedora Upgrade – Part 1

So its been a whole two days since I upgraded to Werewolf. I love it! Most everything works out of the box (OOTB), wireless, bluetooth, even suspend/resume seem to be possible for the first time! But one of the oddities … Continue reading

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POW: Yum installation by groups

The second in the Program of the Week (POW) is here. Yum, the Yellowdog Updater Modifer, has a very interesting feature. One which you might find useful if you want to install an entire set of packages for say a … Continue reading

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POW: bash-completion – Bash Auto Completion in Fedora using yum (and more)

In an attempt to consistently blog, I am starting a new series here on fedora-tutorials.com. Program of the Week (POW). Hopefully, this will excite and inform all of us about the cool programs available in Fedora. So see you next … Continue reading

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