WordPress Plugins

Lately, I’ve been doing some consulting work writing plugins and custom components for wordpress.  I’ve decided it might be a good time to post some of this work.

Order by Popularity

This is the second plugin I have written and it provides two filters.  To be honest, I really thought this one was going to be more difficult.  It did take some research time though.   This plugin was also written for the same client as Email 5 People.

Requires:  Alex King’s Popularity Contest plugin.  Without this plugin, nothing will happen.

This plugin, when enabled, will order the posts based upon popularity derived from the ‘Popularity Contest’ plugin.

Want this plugin?  Download it here

Email 5 People

The first plugin ‘Email 5 People’, was designed for a client who wanted to send an email to ‘up to 5 people’ when a post was made.  Using the custom fields section one can create two keys, Email_To and Email_From.  The value for ‘Email_To’ can take as many email addresses as desired, each on a separate line.  The value for ‘Email_From’ only takes one value, any extra values are ignored.


Want it?  Download it here version 0.2 (20090129) now available.

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